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Retirement Income Resources, LLC helps employers manage their retirement plan effectively with two primary goals in mind.

For Plan Sponsors/Employers: 

We provide practical, comprehensive retirement plan governance procedures which helps a plan sponsor meet their fiduciary obligations under ERISA. While offering a robust employee retirement savings program,employers want to support their employees in the savings process but rarely have time or the expertise to maximize opportunities for successful outcomes. Quite simply, they need help.

Managing a qualified plan to attract and retain valuable people can be complicated and overwhelming at times without professional guidance. We provide the resources, technical information and professional knowledge your company needs to meet its increasingly complex responsibilities as a retirement plan sponsor.

For Participants: We work to maximize their opportunity to reach their retirement income goals - first by helping them understand what they hope to achieve during their retirement years, and then by helping them design an appropriate savings strategy. We see an entire generation of workers woefully unprepared for retirement because they have failed to understand the basics of calculating their own desired income replacement ratios - an essential skill to be ready for retirement. Focusing on a goal well into the future can seem daunting, particularly when managing a home, a career and caring for a family. With our assistance, we believe better outcomes can be achieved where discipline and some fundamentals may be missing.

Employees most often look to their employers for direction and a solution to their retirement income needs but giving financial and investment advice as an employer may not be in either party's best interest. Retirement may look different to everyone but having an adequate level of retirement income funded by a lifetime of savings is a common goal. Having a third-party professional involved in the process is often more effective and appropriate. Our firm embraces its commitment to helping participants with proper education and effective savings strategies so they might enjoy a greater retirement.